August 22, 2006

Khopdi (noun, from hindi/marathi): Head, brain.

“Ek maar ke khopdi tod doonga, samjha?”
(“One rap and I’ll break your head, understand?”



August 22, 2006

Tapori (noun, from hindi?): A thug, gang-member, rowdy person.

Contributed by Dadoji.


August 22, 2006

Jhol (noun, from hindi): Trickery, goof-up, con.

“Ay gandu! Idhar aakey jhol mat kar, samjha?”
(“Hey Dumbass! Don’t come around here and pull something funny, you understand?”)

Contributed by “Fartie”.


August 22, 2006

Khajvua (noun, from hindi): Someone who scratches his balls. A ball-scratcher.

Usage: “Abey Khajvuey, kyu gaand-ungli kar raha hai!”

Contributed by bombaylives.


August 22, 2006

Biscuit (noun, from english): a hot girlfriend, an item.

“Arrey uski ladki ekdum item hai yaar! Biscuit!”

(“His girlfriend is damn hot, man! She’s a biscuit!”)

Contributed by Shitij.


August 22, 2006

Item (noun, from english): A nice looking girl, a “babe”, a “sex bomb”.

Synonyms: maal, bomb.

See also biscuit.

Contributed by Shitij.

Maal also contributed by “Fartie”.


July 25, 2006

Funda (noun, from english): Short for fundamental. The basic principle.

“Give me the fundas on the bank project.”

Contributed by The Simple Leaf.