In an attempt to record the colorful verbiage that is emitted from the average Bombayite’s mouth, I have created this blog which is somewhat like the Urban Dictionary – a user-contributed dictionary wiktionary of slang.

Contribute by leaving a comment somewhere on this site.

Even if you’re not from Bombay and you know some choice words that need to be added from your mother tongue, there’s a good chance that they’re used in Bombay as well.

There’s no holds barred so long as you provide a definition and an example. So go crazy! Yeda ho jao!

Update: Bambaiyya was featured on Metroblogging Mumbai in late August. Thanks to the folks at MM, and also to Gaurav for posting it there as well as on his blog.


24 Responses to “About”

  1. bombaylives Says:

    Khajvua : Ball Scratcher

    Some one who scratches his balls..

    Sentences : Abey Kahjvuey, kyu gand-ungli kar raha hai

  2. Shitij Says:

    dear gr8 ganesha
    kindly change d spelling wo “chakkas” to Jhakaas…it creates gr8 confusion 😉

  3. bombayboy Says:

    Capsule or TAblet = Bullet
    Ghoda = gun

  4. bombayboy Says:

    Khoka = 1 Cr
    Peti = 1 Lakh

  5. Shitij Says:

    sum ppl also use sulemaani keeda too

    in r typical lang, i can also say gand masti 😉

    “keede mat kar sale, kaam karne de “

  6. Girish Rau Says:

    * Chamdi, Vasu – lecher
    * Dedh Shaana – smart-ass, smart-alec
    * Bol Bachhan Amitabh Bachhan – smooth talker, someone who tells tall tales
    * Mendu, Pavli – A halfwit
    * Pandu, Mama – A Mumbai traffic cop
    * Bahadur – A security guard usually from Nepal.
    * Mundi Ghooma Goti Gayab – Literally means if you turn your head you will lose your balls. Referring to the slick pick-pockets who flourish in Mumbai’s train stations particularly VT.
    * Thukpatti – A temporary solution or a half-assed job. Not perfect.
    * Chimaat – A funny or wierd looking guy.
    * Pati, Carrom board – A girl with a flat chest. Pati also means a flat board
    * Avli – A guy who has no work. One who whiles away his time.

    • shreak Says:

      “Mundi Ghooma Goti Gayab” better sentence would be “Nazar Gul toh Aandava Gul” lolz

      – Literally means if you turn your head you will lose your balls. Referring to the slick pick-pockets who flourish in Mumbai’s train stations particularly VT.

  7. Girish Rau Says:

    * Pavva – A quarter bottle (or 250ml packets) of country liqour. Also called “Santra”, “Narangi”, “Mosambi” etc based on type of liquor.
    * Khamba – A full bottle of liquor. As opposed to “Pavva” a “Khamba” is not necessarily country made.

  8. Sameer Says:

    Rapchick – hot girl
    Kauwa – cell phone (Underworld slang)
    chirkut – insignificant
    Hile Dule – Homosexual male
    Tapori – Worthless
    Lafa – Slap

  9. Nikhil Says:

    Ghetli/akhade me liya – to sorround someone
    Khajoor – Stupid person

  10. karl mascarenhas Says:

    “chaah!” Macapau for damn!

  11. love that one, karl! it’s a classic.

  12. shraddha Says:

    hey .. was kinda surprised at not finding ‘vaat’ on the site .. its one of my fav adjectives/nouns ever !!!!

    anyway , to enlighten the ignorant :

    vaat : totally screwed
    vaat lag gayi : i’m deaaaddd .. screwed .. done for

    as in : exam kal hai aur padhai chalu bhi nahi kiya ! meri toh vaat ich hai ..

    mere se panga mat le … teri vaat laga degi ..

  13. absolutely! vaat is from guju, and it’s one of my favorites…

  14. ak Says:

    gud stuff to find the words which your friends speak but you understand…
    wanna add a word.. Lolya.. it means lallu.. or faltu saala..

  15. deepanjali Says:

    जे आपल्याला आवडते ते इतरांपर्यंत पोहचले पाहीजे.
    असा लहानसा प्रयत्न आहे.म्हणूनच मला वाटते .
    की तू सूद्धा आमच्या अड्डयात सामील व्हावे .
    एकदा येऊन पहा आमच्या ब्लोग अड्डयावर

  16. annoncick Says:

    Great issue, I did not thought this would be so interesting when I looked at your url!

  17. Gotya Says:

    kalakaar.. nible fingered
    chhep / chipku – irritating person
    chicken tikka – sexy married woman (young)

  18. lisa Says:

    whatz GANDU??

  19. Brett Says:

    Bhai – Means brother literally.
    Used for a Don/gangster.
    ‘chindi’ – a micer …
    Miya Bhai – a Muslim
    ‘cutting’ – tea
    hari patti – a 100rs note
    Chillier party – kids
    Vasooli – a recovery agent
    ‘machaan’ – argument, problem, quarrel
    “aakhaa” – whole, full
    Used instead of “poora”
    Jhakaas – great, fantastic
    ” Tera zyaada uth raha hai kya” ? Means literally ” are you getting a boner”?
    But used to say ” don’t act too smart ” or ” do you think you are too smart”?

  20. One of my tapori used to say “Neel bata sannata” for Quiet and Lonely place 🙂

  21. Jaipurite Says:

    Lode lag gaye – got screwed
    bakchodi – trashtalk done for timepass usually among college students
    maar lena – to screw someone
    maal – sexy girl
    moot ki dhaar pe- at a close distance
    chudakkad – nymph
    chutiya – idiot
    chomu, Lodu – dumb person
    Thulla – police wallah
    Fanti – girlfriend
    Jhaate – pubic hair
    Langhiya – It’s hard to put in words but usually the Idiots you will find on every street of India
    Tapna – To stare at girls

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